When will my Silver Bullet mk2 pre-order ship?

Due to the global supply shortages it's been very challenging to try and predict when we may receive all the components necessary to build our products.  Some electronic components have lead times of up to a year.  This can create very lengthy lead times for our PCB assembly vendor.  Some of our transformer suppliers have also been experiencing long lead-times obtaining raw materials required to build the transformers we use.  We recently posted a blog article about these challenges.

For pre-orders placed on or after 9/24/21:

We have created a new pre-order process for Silver Bullet mk2 that takes some of pressure off us, our suppliers, and our customers in light of the challenges described above.  This new process is effective for all orders placed on/after 9/24/21.  When we have confidently confirmed that we have all the components either on-hand, or scheduled to arrive, then we will offer units for purchase to those at the top of the pre-order queue.  A payment link will be emailed to 5 to 10 customers depending on current unit availability, and they will have 72 hours to make payment and complete their order.  When that payment is successfully made then the order will be created.  We expect to ship units to fulfill paid orders within 8-12 weeks of receiving payment. 

If you haven't received a payment link email from us, then it means you are still in the notification queue and must wait until you are at the front of line and we have more confirmed units available.  We greatly appreciate your patience during this process.  We respectfully ask that you refrain from contacting us about estimated ship dates or queue position, especially if you have not been sent a payment link.

Paid orders received on/after 9/29/22 will hopefully start shipping in Q1 2023, subject to availability and demand.  We are not able to provide a specific date at this time.  Depending on the number of orders received it may take some time for the droids to work through the queue.  We intend to ship 5-10 units per week once they are available.   If the queue gets long then the wait may be long.  We appreciate your patience in advance.  Assuming you have a paid and confirmed order, then you will receive a shipping confirmation email once your order ships.

Please see the complete pre-order terms page for additional information about the process.

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