Silver Bullet mk2 C Mojo LED jumper setting

The J1 jumper on the back of the Gain Control Board in the Silver Bullet mk2 must be configured to match the Main PCB revision so that the C Mojo LED behaves properly. The correct default setting is as follows:

Main PCB Rev. 1 through Rev. 3

J1: pins 1-2

Main PCB Rev. 4+

J1: pins 2-3

To access this jumper you will need to remove the top cover. There are seven (7) screws attaching the cover to the enclosure. The Gain Control Board is located directly behind the faceplate behind the A/N/C Gain and Output controls. It has two ribbon cables connected to it. The three-pin J1 jumper is located along the top edge of the board behind the C-DRV knob as shown in the pic below. Pin 1 is labeled with a “1”, and pin 3 is closest to the upside down text “J1”. Use your fingers to move the plastic shunt to the appropriate two pins.

While looking at the board from the perspective shown in pic move the shunt to the left to configure pins 1-2. Move the shunt to the left to configure pins 2-3.

NOTE: Power off the unit and disconnect the XLR5 power cable from the unit before removing the cover and sticking your fingers in the unit.

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