SB Mk2 Meter Replacement

Thank you for taking the time to replace your Silver Bullet Mk2 meter board. Instructions are as follows:

1. Power off your Silver Bullet Mk2 and disconnect XLR5 power cable. Please allow 10 minutes to discharge.
2. Remove the 7 screws on top of the unit and take off the cover. 
3. Pull ribbon cable off of meter board
4. Discharge self by touching the metal chassis before moving forward. 
5. Remove the two 4-40 lock nuts.
6. Remove meter while grounding self to chassis. Be sure to not lose the two plastic standoffs that sit on the two studs.
7. Place new meter onto standoffs on studs. Be careful when holding the meter. Hold on the edges and do not touch the components. Ground self to chassis.
8. Install two 4-40 lock nuts. Don't over tighten them. 
9. Press the ribbon cable back into the connector.
10. Power on unit and verify meter is in correct mode. Use the small momentary switch to cycle modes per the manual. 
11. Replace the cover. 

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks again! 

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