Mr Focus Jumper Settings Rev 4 Boards

Jumper settings and explanations for Mr Focus Rev 4 Boards:

J1 and J2: These jumpers switch the corner frequency for the Focus Tilt EQ. In factory settings they are placed J1: Posts 2-3 (Bottom 2 posts) and J2: Posts 1-2 (Top 2 posts) and that will give you a corner frequency of somewhere between 1200-1400hz (We chose the frequency by ear but it is closer to 1400. There is a graph on the product page) When you switch those two jumpers (J1 on posts 1-2 and J2 on posts 3-4) you will change the corner frequency to about 400hz. 

J3: This jumper switches the Colour Slot output mode to either NORM (Factory Setting) or BOOST. This feature is mainly for compressor modules that need a little more makeup gain. 

J4: Output pad that will give you an additional 6dB of attenuation if your signal is too hot coming into the unit. Factory setting is NORM

J5 and J6: These jumpers will change the behavior of the MIX knob on the Mr Focus to a Attenuation knob. If you set both of the jumpers to ATT you will make it so the Mr Focus uses the "DRV" for your input gain and the "MIX" knob as your output control. 

Both J5 and J6 need to be changed for it to work properly. The same goes for J1 and J2. 

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