Removing Colour Modules

When removing a colour module from an LTL product always ensure that you are gripping the PCB firmly by both sides (Either vertical or horizontal) when carefully pulling up. Some modules can take more force than others to remove. If you find a module especially difficult to remove you may need to slowly pry it up using your fingers. Brace your thumb and first two fingers on opposing sides of the module PCB. Use your fingers as leverage under the edge of the PCB while pulling up to free the standoffs from the host PCB. This will help you avoid breaking off a post in the PCB or bending pins.  At no point should you attempt to pry a colour module off with any sort of tool besides your fingers! This could damage the module or bend the connector pins.

The following video demonstrates our technique for pulling out a module in a Silver Bullet mk2, which has tighter clearance for your fingers than other Colour module hosts like Mister Focus or Chroma.:

Colour Module Removal video

If you find a particular module troublesome we recommend you use a small file to remove material from the side of the plastic standoffs.  Few strokes of a file on the side of the standoff post that inserts into the host PCB will do the trick.  This will ensure an easier fit. 

Have you accidentally broken off one or more of your colour module standoffs? Have no fear!  These can be replaced with Keystone Electronics part number 8879 available from Mouser and other electronics parts distributors.

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