Power Supply Noise

It’s normal for the power supply to emit a high pitched noise when the Silver Bullet is powered off, but the PSU is still plugged into the wall. The PSU likes to see a load. So under normal use when the unit is switched on that noise should diminish. If the unit is intermittently turning off then that points to something else. I have seen an issue once or twice where the 5-pin XLR connector wasn’t making good contact with the pins in the Silver Bullet and this would cause the unit to glitch. Perhaps this is what is happening. There is also a power relay in the unit that turns on the regulators when the power switch is toggled on the back of the unit. 

Some questions:

1. If the PSU itself fails you will see the blue LED on the plastic case flash or turn off. Is that happening? This is what normally happens during a fault with this PSU.
2. If the PSU blue LED remains on and it’s just the SB that is powering off then that means the connection at the XLR has issues, or the power relay inside could be faulty.
Things to try:
- See if you can use contact cleaner on the 5-pin XLR contacts and pins to clean it up. Also try tightening up the contacts in XLR connector with a needle or thin paper clip. Be sure to only do this with the PSU unplugged from the wall. Let it discharge for 10 minutes before sticking anything into the contacts.

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