Why is my credit card declined when I attempt to place an order?

If you are trying to place an order through our online store and having your credit card declined during checkout this is likely due to one of the following reasons:

  • The CVV code you entered is incorrect.
  • The billing address you entered doesn't match what's on file with the bank.
  • A fraud prevention protection has kicked in and is preventing the transaction from going through.  This very often happens with international orders.  Typically internet orders placed out of your country that exceed a threshold set by your bank (e.g. $1000 or $2000) will be flagged by your bank to protect you from credit card fraud.  You will need to call your bank and inform them you are attempting to place an internet order to the U.S.-based company, Louder Than Liftoff LLC.  The bank will then temporarily remove the lock.  Now if you re-submit your order, it should be successful.  

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