Mass Drv / Royal Blue Vs. SB A and N

How does the Mass Driver and Royal Blue colour module compare with the Silver Bullet "A" and "N" mojo amps?

The circuit designs of the Mass Drivr and Royal Blue Colour modules are entirely different than the "A" and "N" Mojo Amps used in the Silver Bullet and Chroma.  While Mass Drivr and the "A" Mojo Amp are both inspired by American console sounds, they have different architectures implemented with different discrete op amps and transformers.  Mass Drivr has a thicker, slower vintage sound, whereas the "A" Mojo Amp is faster and more detailed, and thus better suited for buss applications.  Both give the expected characteristic mid-forward presentation and punchy low end.

Royal Blue and the "N" Mojo Amp are both inspired by classic British consoles, but the topologies, transistors circuits, and transformers also differ.   Royal Blue is inspired by later class AB British console circuits, whereas the "A" Mojo Amp finds more inspiration from earlier class A circuits.  Both yield tones that are big and harmonically rich, but the textures are slightly different in the way that a classic 1081 module might be perceived differently than a 1084 module.

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