Plugin Installation

Follow these steps to install our plugin:

  1. Run the appropriate installer for your system found in its corresponding folder. Mac installers (.pkg) and Windows installers (.exe) can be found inside the .zip file.
  2. Create a free Plugin Alliance account if you do not already have one using this link:

  3. Redeem the license voucher code that you received via this email (above these instructions) by following the instructions at this link:

    After the voucher code has been added, please be sure to complete the checkout process. The plugin license will not be added to your account until you click the "Place order" button at the end of the process.

  4. Run the plugin from inside of any DAW. Follow the activation prompts and login to your Plugin Alliance account from within the plugin. Once this is completed a static license file will be added to your computer and the plugin will work on or offline without having to log in. This activation screen will activate all installed plugins that are licensed to your Plugin Alliance account.

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