Silver Bullet Jumper Settings

Q: How can I activate the insert in MIC or TRK mode, or all modes?

A: You can change the automatic insert bypass behavior by moving jumper J14 to the configurations shown below (outlined in pink).  The insert is active for MIC and MIX modes when set to 1-2, active for MIX mode only when set to 2-3, and active for all modes when set to 3-4.

Q: How can I route the Mic outputs to the Mix outputs?

A: You can change the default configuration (Mic IN to Track OUT) to Folcrom Mode (Mic IN to Mix OUT) by moving jumper J13 (outlined below in blue) from the 1-2 position to the 3-4 position, as pictured below.

Q: Can the Track output be routed to Mix output?

A: No, only Mic OUT can be routed to Mix OUT. Track IN is hardwired to Track OUT.

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